Vita Liberata Body Latte Light Sunless Glow


Vita Liberata Body Latte Light Sunless Glow

✔ Vita Liberata Body Latte Light Sunless Glow Vita Liberata's organic Body Blur Sunless Glow - the original Instagram filter in a tube with lasting tan radiance for up to 7 days. Its instant skin finish properties minimize blemishes, cover imperfections and smooth skin appearance while reflecting light for a photo-ready skin finish.

✔ The natural looking tint lifts your skin tone, adding a healthy, radiant glow that works like a self-tanner meaning you stay glowing for up to a week. The organic shea butter, supercharged by Advoganic Technology, will leave your skin silky smooth and super sensual.

★ Beauty Feature : Alcohol Free

★ Brand : Vita Liberata

★ Formulation : Cream

★ Skin Area : Body

★ Type : Self Tan

 Volume : 100ml