Ultrasun Aftersun Duo-2 x 150ml


Ultrasun Aftersun Duo-2 x 150ml

 Ultrasun Aftersun Duo Sooth and cool irritated skin with Ultrasun Aftersun Duo (2x 150ml). Use this easy to apply pack of 2 gel-lotions after sunbathing to restore skin back to its best.

✔ The liposomal SOD in Ultrasun AfterSun activates the skins biological repair system enabling it to heal quicker from any sun related over indulgence. The cooling gel-lotion enables moisture to penetrate deep into the skin acting as a body lotion as well as a great after sun. The product is free of oils and emulsifiers and just carries a light fragrant scent to keep you smelling great.

★ Brand : Ultrasun

★ Volume : 300ml