Sisley Moisturiser All Day All Year-50ml


Sisley Moisturiser All Day All Year-50ml

✔ Sisley Moisturiser All Day All Year is an anti-age shield that protects the skin from outside aggressors causing skin aging.

✔ All Day All Year is the essential anti-aging day care; it acts as a dual-purpose protective shield, protecting skin from external aggressors:

✔ anti-UVA-UVB shield: its encapsulated filters protect skin to limit oxidative stress

✔ anti-free radical and anti-stress shield: a powerful synergy of plant extracts with anti-free radical properties protect the skin from harmful external factors.

★ Beauty Concern : Lifting & Firming

★ Beauty Goal : Anti-ageing

★ Brand : Sisley

★ Skin Type : Normal

★ Type : Moisturisers

 Volume : 50ml