Philips MG5730/3 Black Series 5000 Multigroom Shaver


Philips MG5730/3 Black Series 5000 Multigroom Shaver

Philips MG5730/3 Black Series 5000 Multigroom Shaver Craft your own personal look with this versatile trimmer, which includes 11 quality tools for styling your face, head and body

✔ DualCut Technology

✔ Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut technology, which includes 2x more blades. The steel blades lightly brush against one another – sharpening themselves as they work. This results in blades that are as sharp as day 1 after 3 years of use.

✔ Metal Trimmer

✔ Use the metal trimmer with DualCut technology without a comb to get clean, sharp lines around your beard, neck and hairline, or to trim your body hair to a minimum length.

★ Battery Size & Number : Rechargeable battery

★ Battery life : Up to 80 minutes

★ Brand : Philips

★ Charging time : 16 hours

★ Cordless : YES

★ Length Settings : 8