La Prairie Crystalline Concentrate Skin Caviar Serum-30ml


La Prairie Crystalline Concentrate Skin Caviar Serum-30ml

✔ La Prairie Crystalline Concentrate Skin Caviar Serum is luxury of diamonds and caviar, which come together in this extraordinarily regenerating, nutrient-rich serum that helps restore that firm, luminous, youthful complexion you thought was gone forever. Its amazingly restorative formula, containing powerful Caviar Extract, rebuilds, replumps, and refirms your skin. It replenishes moisture, smoothes and refines the surface texture and reignites youthful luminosity. It rekindles your skin’s lost luster, recovering what time has taken away.

✔ Re-firms skin by helping to stimulate synthesis of collagen

✔ Re-plumps wrinkles for smoother-looking skin

✔ Refines the skin to restore youthful tone and texture

✔ Re-ignites luminosity by promoting natural exfoliation

★ Beauty Concern : Lifting & Firming

★ Range : Platinum

★ Brand : La Prairie

★ Range : Skin Caviar

★ Skin Type : All Types

★ SPF : <10

★ Type : Serums

★ Volume : 30ml