Yiomxhi Folding EMS Electric Foot Massager Machine with 6 Modes


Yiomxhi Folding EMS Electric Foot Massager Machine with 6 Modes

✔ Yiomxhi Folding EMS Electric Foot Massager Machine with 6 Modes have large display and 6 massage modes and 19 intensity levels. You can change the massage strength to meet your need.30 minutes is a course of treatment, when time is due, it is automatically shut off.A full charge can last 90 minutes

✔ Effective Foot Massager Machine — The electric EMS foot massager uses EMS pulse technology. Low-frequency pulses can deeply stimulate the nerves under the cortex, promote muscle contraction and relaxation.Foot massager machine improve blood circulation in the feet & legs and relieve soreness and reduce fatigue. Can help foot Neuropathy, Cramps, plantar fasciitis, etc

✔ Size & Material — Foot Massage mat size is L W H 300*300*6mm.Foot massage mat made of microfiber leather, It is soft and can be folded at will,lightweight. USB rechargeable let you can relax wherever you go

✔ Easy to Use — The main body of this foot massager machine uses a remote control design to make your life more convenient. Use the remote control switch to change the mode and increase or decrease the massage intensity.Ergonomic massage effectively massages acupoints, massages the soles of the feet and the leg to dredge the meridians and rejuvenate the feet and leg, effectively relieve fatigue and make you feel more comfortable

 Widely Applicable — EMS electric foot massager suitable for travelers, middle-aged and elderly people, office crowds, women who often wear high heels.ATTENTION!【 Low-frequency electrical pulse technology, The following people must not use the foot mat: Pregnant women; high blood pressure; heart disease; Anyone fitted with a pacemaker or automatic implanted cardiac defibrillator (AlCD).