Wooden Natural Boar Bristle Round Circular Hair Styling Brush


Wooden Natural Boar Bristle Round Circular Hair Styling Brush 

✔ Wooden Natural Boar Bristle Round Circular Hair Styling Brush 100% pure natural board bristle brush spread hair oil to improve the health of the hair by preventing oil buildup and hair frizz, keep it shine from root to tip

✔ Round circular shape helps to create a volumizing curl. The detangle hairbrush smooth the cutilcle layer to prevent hair loss, hair breakage and split ends

✔ The boar bristles massage your scalp while combing, which creates a great feeling. This also promotes the blood circulation of your scalp. Comes with nylon bristles in addition to boar bristles to help style and dry hair

✔ The ergonomic brush handle is made from strong and sturdy wood and will last for many years. In addition, the polished wooden handle provides great feel when styling

 This natural brush is suitable for long or short, wet or dry, thick or thin, straight or curly. It works for men women and kids. Our anti-static paddle brush offers a painless experience on your hair and unclogging hair follicles fromm root to tip