Watermans Condition Me Hair Growth Moisturising Conditioner - 250ml


Watermans Condition Me Hair Growth Moisturising Conditioner - 250ml

✔ Watermans Condition Me Hair Growth Moisturising Conditioner great solution for over processed dyed hair, combat the damage from heat tools used.

Packed full of Premium Quality Ingredients that: ✔ Replenishing & Nourishing, ✔ Softens and moisturises, ✔ Hair Thickening Conditioner

✔ Revitalises hair, ✔ Protects and repairs, ✔ Strengthens from root to tip, ✔ Deep moisturising, Control Frizz

✔ Stimulates hair growth, ✔ Cholesterol will also help dyed damaged hair problems.

✔ Can be used as daily or deep conditioner, Also helps Afro Hair grow stronger and thicker.

✓Premium Quality Hair Growth Ingredients used in our formulas. . In addition to supporting the growth of long, flowing strands, Watermans conditioner is also beneficial for those struggling with dry and damaged hair from the extreme summer conditions, dyes and heat tools✓ Cruelty Free ✓ Sulphate & Paraben Free ✓ PH Neutral for your scalp ✓ Recyclable bottles Suitable for all hair types and races. CHOLESTEROL | CAFFEINE | ROSEMARY Replenishing and Moisturising Do you want thick healthy looking hair? Do you need to protect your hair from the elements Are you looking for a conditioner that softens and moisturises Revitalises the appearance of hair Great solution for over processed dyed hair Protects and repairs hairs appearance Your hair feels stronger from root to tip Adds body to your hair Restores beauty to your hair What is cholesterol in Watermans Conditioner. Cholesterol is a safe West African ingredient from the 1800s that's not mostly known to non African races, Cholesterol is super ingredient is used to repair, moisture and replenish hair after repeated styling processes. Using Watermans Condition Me regularly can protect the hair from becoming damaged during heat straightening and blow drying. Cholesterol in our Watermans Condition Me comes from sheep's wool 'lanolin' ...