Water Creative Cartoon Bath Toy with Musical Fountain


Water Creative Cartoon Bath Toy with Musical Fountain

✔ Water Creative Cartoon Bath Toy with Musical Fountain is designed with cute cartoon appearance,When you feed the right amount of water to your mouth, it will happily emit sweet music and emit soft lights along with the music, the cute and hungry look attracts children’s attention, make bath time more fun and easier.

✔ High Quality & Safe Material - These baby bath toys are made of kids-friendly and durable ABS Plastic, non-toxic, 100% smell free, BPA free material, giving children the most intimate protection. Meanwhile, the edges of tub toy are smooth and well finished, protect baby's soft skin.

✔ Great Early Educational Toy - Playing with these shower toys, babies can develop their color & shape recognition, improve their imagination and creativity, promote their social interaction, and enhance their hand-eye coordination.

✔ 360 Degree Waterproof Design - There are 6 drainage holes at the bottom. After filling the little penguin’s belly with water, the water will be sprinkled when the penguin is picked up. In addition to sprinkling games, it can also keep the inside of the little penguin dry and prevent bacterial growth. .

 Great Gift for Your Baby - The bath water penguin toy will bring surprise to kids, Just pour water into the penguin’s mouth, and the music will sound and be accompanied by soft lights, Your baby will never get tired of playing these toys.