VinBee Easy Detangling Hair Brush - Starry Sky Green


VinBee Easy Detangling Hair Brush - Starry Sky Green 

✔ VinBee Easy Detangling Hair Brush has many flexible bristles on the bursh, it will gently glide through knots creating less friction than ordinary hairbrush, resulting in reduced hair loss and less breakage

✔ Works On All Hair Types - Get effortlessly tangle free hair with our teaser for fine, thick, curly, straight, wet or dry hair

✔ Quantity & Color - Each package includes one starry sky blue detangler brush

✔ Perfect Gift - The perfect gift for any hair care lover

✔ Detangling Starry Sky Green wet or dry hair with its regular-flex teeth which glide through the hair with no pulling.Leaves your hair soft, smooth and sleek.The shining sky starry Green brush will look stunning on any dressing table,perfect for gifting.Whether you have fine, thick, curly, wet or dry hair, it works well, gently detangling as you brush it through the lengths of your hair. It won’t pull or tug.

✔ Flex enough to move through the hair with ease. Detangling with no tugging, pulling or damage.

✔ Colour Name: Green