VeloChampion Luxury Menthol Cooling Anti Chafe Cream - 150ml


VeloChampion Luxury Menthol Cooling Anti Chafe Cream - 150ml

✔ VeloChampion Luxury Menthol Cooling Anti Chafe Cream LUXURY CHAMOIS CREAM \ DESIGNED FOR CYCLISTS & RUNNERS – Our luxury anti chafe chamois cream has antibacterial protection to reduce friction and inflammation to the skin to prevent saddle sores.

✔ MADE IN THE UK – Support UK business. Made in the UK and laboratory tested for efficient levels of protection for you and your skin.

✔ MOISTURISING AND SOOTHING PROPERTIES – Our menthol chamois cream creates a cooling effect on your skin and moisturises your skin to prevent inflammation and boosts skin suppleness.

✔ QUICK NON-GREASY APPLICATION – Our unique chamois cream formula has a non-greasy application and reduces friction between your skin, chamois pad and saddle so you can have a comfortable bike ride. Also recommended for runners.

 HOW TO USE – Apply directly to your skin or chamois pad before exercise to improve your saddle comfort. Ideal for long days in the saddle or running longer distances.