Slopehill Powerful Fastest Drying Ionic Hair Dryer with Brushless Motor


Slopehill Powerful Fastest Drying Ionic Hair Dryer with Brushless Motor

✔ Slopehill Powerful Fastest Drying Ionic Hair Dryer with Brushless Motor designed with a self-developed unique 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor. The impeller adopts the aircraft turbine engine shaped, which helps to promote strong airflow and significantly improve the air output for the fastest drying. professional hair dryer ideal for speedy drying.

✔【Enhanced Ionic Technology & Bioceramic Hair care】-- Adopts ion and bio-ceramic technology, our hair blower will release 50 million moisturizing negative ions combined with far-infrared heat to reduces frizz and fly-aways, for smooth and shiny results. Built-in microprocessor and temperature sensor, the air outlet temperature can be 50 times/second of high-frequency intelligent monitoring, effectively adjust the high temperature to avoid hair overheating damage.

✔【Ergonomic Design】-- We build the motor into the handle to meet the ergonomic design that keeps hold of dynamic balance in the process of hair blowing, lightweight hand-held weighs just 268g/9.45oz. Compact storage makes the hairdryer perfect for taking away with you when you travel.

✔【Additional Features】-- Fashionable and elegant button, 3 speed wind speed, 3 temperature equipped with LED light display + cold air button. The independent open key has the memory function. If you open it again, it will follow the previous setting.

✔【What You Get】 -- Negative ion hair dryer with 3 styling attachments. Small, lightweight, easy to carry and store, perfect for home or travel use, suitable for professional salons and home use, our professional dryer is also a good gift for your family and friends. We Provide 30 days money free back, 2-Year seller warranty and lifetime dedicating support to assure your long-term enjoyment.

✔ Long duration. The life of a brushless motor is 5000 hours and a brush motor is usually only 300-500 hours. The life of a hair dryer that uses a brushless motor is much longer than a hair dryer with a brush motor;

✔ No toner pollution. Brushed motors will produce carbon dust when the carbon brush is scrubbed when running, which is harmful to the human body and the environment, while brushless motors have no carbon brush and produce no carbon dust during the work;

✔ The safety protection system, in order to better avoid the danger of overheating and fire, use a thermal fuse in the high-speed brushless DC motor. When the temperature and current are too high, the fuse will melt and the power will be cut off.

✔ Leakage protection for high speed brushless DC motors. Connect the high speed brushless DC motor to the leak protection. After plugging in the plug, the leak protection will work as a monitoring function. It will monitor the flow from one outlet to the wall outlet and switch the circuit, after which the current magnitude is returned to another outlet. If the leak protection device detects a loss of current, it will automatically break the circuit.

 Noise-free hair dryer is the direction of product development Nowadays, the general noise is about 95dB, and the noise itself is also pollution, which is very harmful to the ears. Using a brushless DC motor, the decibel is only 80dB, in addition to the noise isolation structure of the fan, the overall noise is only 80dB.