Scienbeauty Small and Portable Facial Hair Remover Trimmer


Scienbeauty Small and Portable Facial Hair Remover Trimmer 

✔ Scienbeauty Small and Portable Facial Hair Remover Trimmer combines dual high-quality stainless steel rotating blades with protective knife nets, close to the facial contours, finely shaving, and solving hair problems without pulling. Also prevent to cause pain or damage your perfect skin.

✔ NO IRRITATION—The facial hair removal comes with hypoallergenic stainless steel blade to enhance durability and comfort. Neat & round blade makes a safe and painless hair removing experience.

✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HAIR REMOVAL- Scienbeauty ladies' facial hair remover specially designed for the upper lip, chin, cheeks and arms hair trimming. By removing unwanted hair precisely makes a more delicate makeup .

✔ EASY TO CLEAN-The head of the special hair trimmer for women is detachable and can be cleaned with a brush. The stainless steel cutting head can be directly rinsed with water (the trimmer body cannot be washed directly). It is easy to keep the hair trimmer head clean, hygienic in use, and close to the skin at ease.

✔ SMALL AND PORTABLE—Ladies' razor is the size of a lipstick and comes with a storage box. It is convenient to carry when traveling. A small one can solve the problem of shaving small hairs all over the body. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used anywhere.

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