Safe and Sound Waterproof Non-stick Wound Strip


Safe and Sound Waterproof Non-stick Wound Strip

✔ Safe and Sound Waterproof Non-stick Wound Strip is Breathable to help aid the natural healing process

✔ Waterproof

✔ 6cm x 1 metre

✔ Safe and Sound brand

✔ The Safe and Sound Waterproof dressing strip is made from a breathable waterproof fabric so that it can aid in the natural healing process. The non-stick wound pad is sterile so that no infection can get into the cut or graze. The dressing strip can be cut to the size required so that the entire wound is covered.

✔ Safe & Sound Health is Murrays biggest brand, a comprehensive range of healthcare products specially selected for the pharmacy sector. The nationally recognised brand offers diverse sundries at fantastic value for money.

✔ Box Contains 1 x Waterproof Strip 6Cm X 1m