Safe and Sound Minor Injury Absorbent Wound Dressing - 5 Pack


Safe and Sound Minor Injury Absorbent Wound Dressing - 5 Pack

✔ Safe and Sound Minor Injury Absorbent Wound Dressing designed to protect and keep Cuts, grazes and other minor injuries dry

✔ Flexible to allow movement. Breathable to allow more natural healing

✔ Absorbent wound pad will not stick to the wound

✔ 7.5cm x 5cm pack of 5

✔ Manufactured to exacting standards, Safe + Sound is a Murrays Health and Beauty brand

 The Safe + Sound Waterproof dressings are designed to protect and keep dry cuts, grazes and other minor injuries. The dressing is flexible to allow movement and features an absorbent wound pad that wont adhere to the wound. Pack of 5.