Safe and Sound Lice and Nits Treatment Shampoo with Comb - 75ml


Safe and Sound Lice and Nits Treatment Shampoo with Comb - 75ml


✔ Safe and Sound Lice and Nits Treatment Shampoo with Comb specially developed for the painless, fast and easy treatment of nits and head lice

✔ Cream lotion does not contain any pesticides and is suitable for adults, children over the age of 6 months and pregnant women

✔ Easily Applied and can be used on all types of hair. Wont cause the hair to tangle and can be combed out easily

✔ 75ml all in one hair Treatment. Works in 15 minutes. Fast acting lice treatment to kill head lice and eliminate their eggs

✔ Manufactured to exacting standards, This is a Murrays Health and Beauty brand

✔ Gentle on the hair and scalp. Suitable for adults, pregnant women, and children over 6 months. Apply the lice treatment Shampoo to dry hair. Massage the cream lotion from the roots to the tips. Ensure the hair and scalp are covered. Leave for 15 minutes. Comb the hair using the nit comb provided. Rinse thoroughly and using normal shampoo if necessary. 75ml fast acting treatment.