Safe and Sound Highly Flexible Assorted Blister Plasters - 5 Pack


Safe and Sound Highly Flexible Assorted Blister Plasters - 5 Pack

✔ Safe and Sound Highly Flexible Assorted Blister Plasters are padded waterproofing plasters to help relieve pain from blisters

✔ 2 x 46mm/28mm, 3 x 69mm/43mm

✔ Prevent blisters from forming or help speed up the healing process.

✔ Please refer to packaging before use

✔ Manufactured to exacting standards, Safe & Sound is a Murrays Health & Beauty brand

✔ Blister Plaster can be used to prevent blisters forming, or to relieve pain and help heal existing blisters

✔ Breathable - plasters move and breath with your skin.

✔ Waterproof barrier - cushions and protects.

✔ Hypoallergenic - suitable for all the family.

✔ Highly flexible - ideal for use in awkward places. less

 A porous tape that allows air flow to get through to cuts and wounds when used to secure dressings or bandages in place