Safe and Sound 7 Days Medicine Compartments Box


Safe and Sound 7 Days Medicine Compartments Box

✔ Safe and Sound 7 Days Medicine Compartments Box are complete units and remove from the base tray seperately

✔ EASY TO OPEN AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON no more fiddling with catches. Clear casings for ease of viewing

✔ BRAILLE AND PRINTED CLEAR ROBUST PLASTIC LID FOR EASE OF USE. Internal dimensions of each pill compartment 30mm x 20mm x 20mm

✔ WASHABLE IN WARM SOAPY WATER. Supplied with two patient record cards for people needing carer assistance. Please refer to packaging for other instructions and warnings before use

✔ MANUFACTURED TO EXACTING STANDARDS, Safe and Sound is a Murrays Health and Beauty brand

 Safe and sound extra 7 day pill box with separate Am and PM compartments. This pill box helps the user to keep track of daily medication, supplements and vitamins. The pill box is specially designed with individual push buttons making the compartments easy to open for arthritis sufferers. Each compartment is labelled with Braille markings and there are 2 patient record cards included. The Safe and sound range is designed by experts with safety and practicality in mind.