PROBOX Callus Remover Electric Foot Filing with Two Quartz Heads


PROBOX Callus Remover Electric Foot Filing with Two Quartz Heads

✔ PROBOX Callus Remover Electric Foot Filing with Two Quartz Heads give your feet the treatment that they deserve for taking you on all the journeys that you’ve ventured on. Leave them feeling silky smooth and ready to show off to the world using our exclusively designed product! With it's sleek design use it: at home, in the gym, on holiday, away with work or wherever suits you.

✔ IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE – If you have dry, cracked, crumbly, rough feet from the general wear & tear of life’s many missions; Put a stop to the discomfort & embarrassment you have towards your tired feet with our simple to use 2021 ProBox Foot File. The silicone body allows you to use it in the shower & clean it quicker than other products on the market (Do not submerge).

✔ WE OOZE QUALITY & EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – Your foot filer will be TRIPLE checked before it even leaves our manufacturing facility & if that doesn’t give you the confidence in our product then we offer a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

✔ FOOT FILING JUST GOT FASHIONABLE – It’s clear to see that there is no pride in the aesthetics of the electric foot files being produced in the market today (I know, we’re as shocked as you are). We felt like it was our job to make YOU feel comfortable with carrying a foot file around in your shower/makeup bag & our product delivers on this with its futuristic look & feel.

✔ EASY TO CHARGE, EASY TO HOLD, EASY TO USE – With a 1200mAh rechargeable battery our product boasts an operating time of 2+ hours off of one single 3-hour charge, an ergonomic design to suit your hand, a waterproof silicone body (Do not submerge), 2 easy to replace Quartz Heads of varying roughness to take care of all types of foot skin, 2 Modes of power & Easy to clean, our newly designed Foot File will give you everything you want and more.

✔ The brand new ProBox 2021 electric foot file has been carefully designed to incorporate everything you expect from an electric foot file, whilst changing the way it looks and feels. The modern design coupled with the soft silicone body, makes this callus remover a sleek, trendy accessory as opposed to a clunky and ugly device.

✔ Easy to use - With an easy to use on/off button that is interchangeable between two gear speed as well as two grinding heads (fine & coarse) that click in and out of the device, perfecting your foot has never been as easy & you've never looked as good doing it! 

✔ Impeccably designed for all types of feet - The rotating head means that the centre of the rotating disk can be used on sensitive area of the foot, using the fine grinding head, due to rotating slower than the outer areas of the device. This makes it a delicate application to sensitive areas of the foot & is something that no other foot file can offer due to our unique design. The outer areas of the rotating head are perfect for targeting the hardened calluses of your foot & along with the coarse head - It's a match made in heaven. This allows you to target the toughest patches of skin on your feet, leaving them smooth and faultless.

 Run time - With an approximate charging time of 3hrs, your ProBox foot file will run for hours upon end before needing another charge.