Night Sleep Magic Soft Black Foam Sponge Hair Curlers Rollers - 30 Pcs


 Night Sleep Magic Soft Black Foam Sponge Hair Curlers Rollers - 30 Pcs 

✔ Night Sleep Magic Soft Black Foam Sponge Hair Curlers Rollers are made of foam, which is lightweight and will not hurt your hair.Super soft special for sleeping. If any issues of our product happen, just tell us and we will address them instead of returning it.

✔NO HEAT, FRIENDLY TO YOUR HAIR - Hair curlers no heat will give you curly hair in a Simple & Natural way. Help keeping you away from electricity perm or any chemical water which makes your beautiful hair dry, coarse and forked

✔ EASY TO USE - Twine a tuft of your hair on the roller, then reverse the curler and fix it by folding the leftover part, suitable for using them when your are sleeping and get beautiful curly hair in the morning

✔ PRACTICAL FUNCTION - The Hair curler is suitable for long or short hair with different textures,your can change your hair style everyday,fit for home or travel, convenient to carry and use,great gifts for girl and women

✔ COME WITH A TOILETRY BAG AS GIFT- We upgraded the packaging. It will come with the 30pcs sponge hair curlers and a Toiletry Bag. 

✔ Foam Sponge Hair Curlers fits for hair of all types and textures

✔ It can be used for wet or dry hair. You can create the hairstyle that you want, without damaging your hair.

✔ Suitable for long or short hair with different textures, can diy your hair styling by yourself, fit for home or travel, can use them for many times, also can serve as gifts for women and girls.

 Colour: Black