Mini Disposable Mint Soft Toothbrush No Toothpaste Needed - 30Pcs


 Mini Disposable Mint Soft Toothbrush No Toothpaste Needed - 30Pcs

✔ Mini Disposable Mint Soft Toothbrush No Toothpaste Needed is a special soft gauze toothbrush that does not use mouthwash and toothpaste, and can clean your teeth, refresh breath, and do not hurt to gums.

✔ DESIGN: Specially contains active salt, mint and other dentifrice components, giving your mouth a special care. The new packaging is more uniqe, 30 packs each individually wrapped.

✔ MATERIAL: Made of non-toxic absorbent gauze material, which is soft and does no harm to your oral. Ergonomic and non-slip bamboo handle is hygiene, healthy and environmentally friendly.

✔ PORTABLE: Independent small package is lightweight and easy to carry, clean and hygienic, storage in a portable box, great choice for cleaning teeth when outdoors or on business trips.

✔ SUITABLE: Suitable for pregnant women, women, adults, elderly, household needs. This toothbrush is also suitable for brushing your baby without hurting your baby's delicate mouth.

 1 * Box of Toothbrush(30pcs)