MAM Easy Start Newborn Feeding Bottle Set


MAM Easy Start Newborn Feeding Bottle Set

✔ MAM Easy Start Newborn Feeding Bottle Set is self-sterilising, making them suitable for feeding your new baby when you don’t have an available bottle steriliser.

✔ Anti-Colic – Our vented base design prevents the build-up of air bubbles in your MAM bottle set, keeping your new baby’s tummy settled and the drinking flow relaxed

✔ Self Sterilising – MAM baby bottles can be sterilised with 20ml of water, a microwave, and three minutes. Baby feeding made as easy as one, two, three

✔ Starter Set – Includes the components for 4 complete bottles, plus MAM bottle handles, Slow Flow Skin Soft teats, extra soft spout, and a 0-2 months MAM Start soother

✔ BPA/BPS Free – The MAM Starter Set is 100% BPS and BPA-Free, making it ideal for either safely frozen or refrigerated breast milk storage, or immediate feeding

✔ MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set, Newborn Bottle Set and Soother, Baby Feeding, Colour: Blue (Designs May Vary), Article Number: GP0014BUK

✔ At MAM we put the wellbeing of your new baby first, so every bottle in your MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Starter Set proudly features our anti-colic bottle design, preventing 80% of colic cases. On top of that, the bottles come with MAM Skin Soft™ Silicone Teats, accepted by 94% of babies.*

 This set of anti-colic baby bottles is unique in that it comes with all of the necessary components for the bottles you’ll need in your baby’s first year, as well as a soother, MAM Bottle Handles and Extra Soft Spout.