GUM Extra Comfort Flex Soft Flexible Cool Mint Picks - 3 Packs


GUM Extra Comfort Flex Soft Flexible Cool Mint Picks - 3 Packs 

✔ GUM Extra Comfort Flex Soft Flexible Cool Mint Picks rubber bristles slide comfortably between teeth to safely remove plaque and food particles

✔ Gentle and safe for sensitive gums

✔ Include a wider grip with a flexible section for a more comfortable cleaning of the back teeth

✔ Stimulate and micro-massage gums for a pleasant sensation and optimal gum health

✔ Latex, wood, and metal free 

✔ New cool mint flavour

 Interdental cleaning is essential to keep gums and teeth healthy. Rubber interdental picks are a great, gentle solution to clean between your teeth daily. Designed with a cool mint flavour, our new interdental brings you a fresh breeze every time you clean between your teeth! Just like the classic Comfort Flex, it helps you remove food residue and plaque thanks to soft rubber bristles and a flexible neck. Both gentle and safe – without latex, wood or metal – this is a great tool for sensitive gums. This interdental is also ideal if you have very small interdental spaces, bridges or an orthodontic appliance.

✔ 3 Packs of 40 Units Each (Cool Mint )