Georganics Mineral-Rich Efficient Teeth Whitening Toothpaste - Activated Charcoal


Georganics Mineral-Rich Efficient Teeth Whitening Toothpaste - Activated Charcoal

✔ Georganics Mineral-Rich Efficient Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is SLS and fluoride free mineral-rich toothpaste that removes dental plaque naturally : High in key minerals, our vegan coconut oil toothpaste is developed to cleanse teeth naturally. It provides all-day protection and removes surface stains without being harsh on your teeth

✔ Efficient teeth cleaning formula: Our advanced non-foaming formula contains naturally derived ingredients to help provide all-day protection from toxins and stains and supports the natural remineralisation process. It gently strengthens teeth and heals gums

✔ Organic and cruelty-free daily dental care product: We only use food grade certified and natural ingredients for all of our products and we do not test on animals as we are certified PETA

✔ Zero waste: We are completely dedicated to reducing our environmental impact with our compostable packaging. All our products are designed to be plastic-free using only biodegradable materials when possible and recyclable glass and aluminium

✔ 100% customer satisfation guaranteed: At Georganics, we want to offer you the best customer and user experience with our eco-friendly products that are locally sourced to support UK businesses and hand-crafted in West Sussex, England

✔ Activated Charcoal - 120ml