Facial Massage Natural Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set of 3


Facial Massage Natural Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set of 3

✔ Facial Massage Natural Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set of 3 made from pure jade stone, this Gua Sha massage tool set has naturally anti-aging benefits. Facial roller kit helps to improve blood circulation, remove toxins, boost skin regeneration and relieve stress. Use daily for best results.

✔ MULTIFUNCTIONAL FACIAL KIT - Use jade face roller and gua sha set to stimulate a healthy glow, increase skin elasticity, lessen the appearance of puffiness and fine lines, and reduce dark circles under the eyes. Massage set will leave your skin smooth to the touch.

✔ FACIAL MASSAGER SET OF 3 - Face stone scraper and small face massage roller most suitable for under eyes, face, nose, neck and body. Double-sided gua sha and jade roller covers a wider surface area for a deeper tissue massage while promoting blood circulation.

✔  SHA JADE ROLLER SET - Regular face massage can reduce puffiness, smoothen skin and boost collagen. Use face massager tools after application of your usual facial moisturiser, oil or serum for deeper absorption of ingredients and to maximise rolling benefits.

✔ ADD TO YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE - For best results, use twice daily for 10-15 minutes or three times per week to reap the naturally occurring benefits of gua sha massage. Store clean in fridge before use for additional cooling and anti-inflammatory effects.

 Our beautifully designed set of Gua Sha skin roller for face and body is incredibly versatile with countless benefits to improve overall skin health and circulation, leaving you with a radiant glow the natural way.