Dental Care Teeth Deep Cleaning Kit with 4 Replaceable Head


Dental Care Teeth Deep Cleaning Kit with 4 Replaceable Head

✔ Dental Care Teeth Deep Cleaning Kit with 4 Replaceable Head including different cleaning heads, a hook cleaning head, a flat hook cleaning head, a needle cleaning head, a flat needle cleaning head,a great way to meet your needs, especially for sensitive teeth,reduce the damages to the enamel and gum, let you smile beauty and confidently

✔ Dental Care:one-key five gears, simple operation, novices can also get started, a few easy steps, let you regain a bright smile, remove foreign tooth stains, restore the essence of teeth.Novices are recommended to start using the first level of intensity

✔ Easy & Convenient to Use:Long press the power button for two seconds to turn on/off the machine, and just press the button again to switch functions. The clear led display will tell you the power and intensity, which is very simple. When you need to charge, just open the button on the back and plug in the power supply

✔ Waterproof, Safe Material:The handshake part is made of silica gel, which feels comfortable and conforms to human mechanics. The width of the product is only 3cm, which is very convenient to hold

✔ Portable dental calculus remover:Enjoy the convenience of cordless Tooth Cleaner Dental and a Full body waterproof design to keep it handy in the bathroom or to take with you when you travel.Calculus remover with a high-capacity battery, can be used for more than 1 month on a single charge, travel without worrying about power loss.

✔ Flat needle cleaning head-Suitable for removing large tartar

✔ Needle cleaning head-Suitable for removing smaller tartar

✔ Hook cleaning head-Suitable for removing stains and polishing

 Flat hook cleaning head-Suitable for polishing