Cute Swimming Penguin Interactive Baby Toy for Shower - 4 Pcs


Cute Swimming Penguin Interactive Baby Toy for Shower - 4 Pcs

✔ Cute Swimming Penguin Interactive Baby Toy for Shower is a great bath toy for children, bringing perfect bath time for your child! Cute animals are ideal toys for babies. It is easy to attract your child's attention and make your child happy. Interesting bath toys can make your child fall in love with bathing.

✔ Easy to use: No battery required, clockwork driven! When holding the toy with one hand, please grasp the body of the toy with your fingers (it will not move). Then rotate the grip under the toy belly with the other hand clockwise, and it will quickly swim past your child in the water.

✔ Great bath toy: It looks real and high quality. It is very suitable for newborn babies, to help children exercise hand muscles, improve the baby's grip, various colors enhance the baby's ability to recognize new things, color and shape recognition.

✔ Suitable for children 3 years old and above: With 4 pcs floating swimming penguin toys, let the children fall in love with the water and enjoy the shower. The safe plastic and soft rotating arm are perfect for your baby to bathe. Eye catching cute penguin-shaped bath toy, animal tour swimming turtle. Children under 3 years old need adult supervision.

✔ The perfect gift for toddlers: This water toy for bath is very suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and can be used wherever there is water, including bathtubs, swimming pools, beaches, travel, etc. A great gift for unisex, babies, boys, girls, preschoolers and toddlers.

✔ A good bath toy to make your child fall in love with bathing and indulged in bath time.

✔ The wind-up bath toys can swim and float in the water.

✔ it helps develop hand-eye coordination and stimulates the baby's sensations. This toy provides endless fun in the bathtub or swimming pool!