Calypso Once a Day Sun Protection Non greasy Lotion - SPF 40


Calypso Once a Day Sun Protection Non greasy Lotion - SPF 40

✔ Calypso Once a Day Sun Protection Non greasy Lotion all day sun protection; 150 ml

✔ Absorbed quickly into the skin; Active after 15 minutes of application

✔ UVA/UVB protection filters

✔ Contains Vitamin E; Water resistance

✔ Non greasy and fragrance free

✔ Ensuring more time is spent enjoying the summer months, Calypso's Once A Day range allows for one thorough application, promising sun safety for the rest of the day. The water resistant and non-greasy products are available from SPF10 to SPF50+ and provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Taking into consideration different skin types, Calypso's Once A Day SPF40 is specially designed for children's delicate skin.

 Colour Name: SPF 40