Bodyprox Hot and Cold Therapy Flexible Large Gel Ice Pack for Shoulders


Bodyprox Hot and Cold Therapy Flexible Large Gel Ice Pack for Shoulders

✔ Bodyprox Hot and Cold Therapy Flexible Large Gel Ice Pack for Shoulders is heavier than most and it has light but heavy-duty Velcro straps that help keep the pack in place. It’s a non-sedentary, hands-free ice pack perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

✔ Shoulder, Back, Hip, & Knee Coverage- Versatile and stays soft even when frozen that perfectly molds to your body or in places where you need it. Takes care of different types of injuries as they arise; has elastic straps and extra extension band for better adjustment.

✔ Hot & Cold Therapy- Easy and fast heating and freezing, you can have both hot and cold therapy in just one amazing item. Instructions on how to use the item are in packaging for future references. Stays cold or hot for approximately 25 minutes for longer use.

✔ Reusable And Durable- High-quality smooth fabric wrap, better insulation, leak-proof, reusable, and durable velcro straps. Gel ice pack made from durable nylon material, wrap is breathable, sweat- proof, speeds up injury recovery and covers all the right places.

 Exceptional Cold and Hot retention feature. Made with the premium gel-based ice pack to hold up temperature longer compared to traditional gel beads ice pack. Limit usage of between 15-20 minutes is highly recommended to avoid blisters and frostbite.