Artibetter Kids Teeth Cleaning Fun-shaped Dental Floss Picks -100PCS


Artibetter Kids Teeth Cleaning Fun-shaped Dental Floss Picks -100PCS 

✔ Artibetter Kids Teeth Cleaning Fun-shaped Dental Floss Picks made just for kids Easy-to-grasp handle makes dental care fun for kids Flosser heads specifically designed for kids oral care.

✔ Small friction coefficient, small damage to the teeth.

✔ Comfort grip handle and non-slip surface for better control. Allow for easy access to back of teeth.

✔ Can put them in their backpack at home or in school to share with their friends.

✔ Protect your teeth against stains and decay by flossing after every meal. It's effective at removing plaque and trapped food particles for healthier, cleaner teeth and gums.

✔  When your kids need to remove food and plaque after eating, this item is recommended to prevent cavities, gum disease and other oral health diseases.