ARRNEW Ultimate Baby Sharp Nail Care and Baby Grooming Kit - 6 Pcs


ARRNEW Ultimate Baby Sharp Nail Care and Baby Grooming Kit - 6 Pcs


✔ ARRNEW Ultimate Baby Sharp Nail Care and Baby Grooming Kit contains a nail clipper, nail file, nasal tweezer, nail scissors, ear pick with LED, and water thermometer. The pack you need to keeps your baby nails well-groomed. Give your babies the best care for them to grow up healthy.

✔ Our baby nail sets for the newborn are made of excellent ABS and stainless steel blades. Odorless, rust-free, and non-toxic baby care kit can help prevent babies from scratching their soft faces and avoid cross infection from adult nail tools.

✔ The baby nail kit is small, which we can easily carry it at any time without any burden. All tools fit in one case and so don't worry about missing any part. Baby nail kit cute case brings happiness to kids besides keeping it cool and elegant in your room.

✔ Baby nail kit set can be easily cleaned with water, and also can be disinfected with alcohol or ultraviolet light. All parts are stored in one case, which helps anti-dust. With the water, thermometer make sure you disinfect with the right temperatures.

✔ Perfect gift for baby shower, birthday, or for new mothers who are going to have a baby, also perfect for moms on travels. Cute modeling and bright color case. The vibrant color distracts children during nail cutting making the process smoother and faster.


✔ Looking for the best baby nail kit? Need a unique gift for newborn, baby shower, mom, or caregiver?

✔ Well, our 6 in 1 ARRNEW baby nail kits is the best choice for you.

✔ Giving Your Baby the Right Care

✔ Babies tiny sharp nails should be trimmed at regular intervals to prevent hurting or scratch themselves unknowingly. There is no denying that baby requires an extra degree of attention when it comes to grooming, especially when working with sharp tools. As we know, many first-time parents are terrified of cutting their infant’s tiny nails. Luckily, a good nail kit from ARRNEW can take all the fear away.

✔ With our 6 in 1 kit, these tools make the ARRNEW baby nail kit the exclusive pack

✔ The Nail Clipper - Ergonomic handle, curved, overlapping blades, non-slip handle.

✔ Baby-sized Nail Scissor - Large hole handle, non-slip grip, circular head design.

✔ Nail File - Delicate, smooth, rounded, perfect size for the small fingers and toes of babies.

✔ Nasal Tweezers - Anti-slip handle with bumps, easy to grip, rounded tip design, useful for cleaning baby nostrils

✔ Water Thermometer - Disinfect your kids nail kits with the right temperatures

✔ Ear Pick with LED - With LED switch and non-slip handle, ensures you use it efficiently on your baby.Chic Design Packaging

 All the tools are packed in this magnificently designed pack that helps not only keep the tools clean but also prevents them from getting lost. Besides they offer a great admiring tool to help the baby stay calm while you trim their nails.