Angelcare Soft Lightweight Bath Seat


Angelcare Soft Lightweight Bath Seat

✔ Angelcare Soft Lightweight Bath Seat providing optimal support, comfort and safety while bathing

✔ Soft-Touch: The bath support has a layer of soft TPE material, which warms very quickly to body and bath water temperature

✔ Hygienic & Mould-resistant: The mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath seat and dry quickly

✔ Durable & Lightweight: Perfect for easy and comfortable bathing. Strong and light weight, with a sturdy design base

✔ Water Level Indicator: Helps to ensure the optimal level of water in your bath

✔ Use Tabs to release suction cups – pulling can damage suction cups. Check suction cups regularly for wear and tear. Pull suction cup gently to the left, right, back and forth to look for cracks and tears. Discontinue use and discard product if damage to suction cups is evident.

✔ The Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat provides optimal comfort and safety whilst bathing. Its distinct design combines safe, sturdy sides and a seating area made from the special soft material.

✔ The soft TPE material does not only mould comfortably around your child but also takes up the bath water’s temperature very quickly, which makes your child feel warm and comfortable. The Angelcare Soft-Touch Bath Seat has a water level indicator for optimal safety in the bath.

✔ Never leave your child unattended while bathing

✔ Recommended for babies up to 6 months of age

 Maximum weight capacity: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)