Absolute Aromas Natural Soothing Inhaler- Lavender


Absolute Aromas Natural Soothing Inhaler- Lavender 

✔ Absolute Aromas Natural Soothing Inhaler contains our Lavender oil blend with 100% pure, natural essential oils. All of our oils are unadulterated and undiluted (unless specified). Vegan, GMO-free, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.

✔AROMATHERAPY - French Lavender is a versatile, gentle oil that has a light, earthy aroma. French Lavender is renowned for its slumber-inducing effect thanks to it's many calming properties.

✔ ON THE GO - This gentle nasal inhaler is perfect to carry with you wherever you go to offer instant relief when you need it most.

✔ DISCOVER THE RANGE - Lavender is part of our oil blends range, these ready-to-use blends have been carefully formulated in-house by our team of experts and designed to assist, support and offer relief from all of life's eventualities.

✔ AUTHENTIC - Members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council - Ethically sourced, authentic and quality assured aromatherapy oils for 25 years.

✔ Created by our expert aromatherapists, our Relaxation blend contains a relaxing and restorative blend of essential oils including, Tangerine, Bergamot, Lavender, Petitgrain, May Chang and Ylang Ylang. Specially formulated to help you unwind and rebalance naturally.

✔ A gentle yet effective essential oil, Lavender is best-known for its naturally soothing and balancing properties which make this essential oil one of the most popular and best-known in the world of Aromatherapy!

✔ Scent Name: Lavender