Guerlain The Light Cream Orchidée Impériale-50ml


Guerlain The Light Cream Orchidée Impériale-50ml

✔ Guerlain The Light Cream Orchidée Impériale Corrects the visible signs of ageing.

✔ Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale The Light Cream is an exceptional complete care product, renowned for its effectiveness on the signs of skin ageing and its weightless, non-oily texture. It brings women the best that orchids and science have to offer in terms of skin longevity. Thanks to the discovery of the prodigious powers of a duo of orchids, the new Light Cream helps to effectively combat the visible signs of skin ageing.

★ Brand : Guerlain 

★ Formulation : Cream

★ Range : Orchidée Impériale

★ Type : Moisturisers

★ Volume : 50ml