Xfantong Vintage Elastic Stripe Printed Pink Head Wrap


Xfantong Vintage Elastic Stripe Printed Pink Head Wrap 

✔ Xfantong Vintage Elastic Stripe Printed Pink Head Wrap are made of light and soft material chiffon, georgette or silk.The headbands provide excellent performance for absorbency, durability and abrasion resistance

✔ Enhance Your Charm - Fashion design flower printing is the best beach accessories for women to make you very charming and elegant.Exercise headbands help to wick the sweat from your brow and stops the moisture dripping down your neck

✔ Right Size - Headband turban are one size with elastic, so it can be stretched to suitable for most women head to protect your hair from messy

✔ Multifunctional - ladies headbands perfect for daily wear sports, going out, beach, teams, clubbin, prom, and party. You don't have worry about your hair from messy and can enjoy yourself

✔ Use at Ease - these Hair Band Hoop are Comfortable fabric, soft texture, not fade, comfortable touch, It won't hurt your head and ears