Sphagnum Hair Growth Serum


Sphagnum Hair Growth Serum

✔ Sphagnum Hair Growth Serum TREATS 5 HAIR LOSS CAUSES: Not sure what causes your hair loss? No problem. This 5-in-1 serum has you covered. 

✔ Clears clogged hair follicles 

✔ Calms DHT hormonal inflammation 

✔ Delivers Biotin and vitamin B complex to roots 

✔ Stimulates scalp circulation 

✔ Gets rid of and repairs Demodex damage.

✔ CLINICAL STRENGTH: This highly-effective formula was developed by the specialists at one of Northern Europe’s best hair clinics. After being available to professionals exclusively for 10 years, it is finally available to the public for at-home use.

✔ ALL NATURAL: Feel good about what you put on your skin, hair, and even beard. Unique formula packed with proven growth boosters. Biotin + B complex vitamins for growth. Chamomile for shine and against inflammation. Menthol + peppermint for scalp stimulation, and more. Smells invigorating, leaves hair soft and shiny but not greasy.

 EASY TO USE: Forget about the hassle of daily application. Use this serum just 1x per week for three weeks, then 1-2x per month for four to six months and see results. Conveniently portioned for single-use on long hair, and 2-4 uses on short hair. Avoid contact with eyes and follow with our Sphagnum Botanicals Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner.