Sea Team Twist Bow Wired Headband Solid for Girls-8pcs


Sea Team Twist Bow Wired Headband Solid for Girls-8pcs 

✔ Sea Team Twist Bow Wired Headband Solid for Girls are not the same material, some are soft fabric, some are a little hard, but it doesn’t matter, they’re all beautiful.

✔ Size: This headband can be twisted any shape you like, and it’s 76cm/30.7” which is long enough for most women and girls.

✔ Different Style: There are different patterns in one package, so you have a lot of choices, suitable for beautiful spring and cold winter. Different colors also can be used in different occasions.

✔ High-Quality: As you can see, the inside of the headband is tough wire wrapped with protection, others headbands are thin wire. And you won’t get hurt because the protection, so it’s safe and high-quality enough to hold your hair.

✔ Guaranteed After-Sale: If for any reason you don’t like it, please feel free to contact with us.