Science of Skin Solution for Scars Advanced Active Scar Cream-30ml


Science of Skin Solution for Scars Advanced Active Scar Cream Clinically proven to reduce scars. Solution for scars is a scar cream that takes the most effective ingredients from Science & nature, clinically proven to reduce scars, reduce redness and soothe the skin.WHAT DOES IT DO - Solution for Scars is clinically proven to reduce appearance of scars by up to 40%

✔ KEY INGREDIENTS - Solution for Scars contains breakthrough naturally active Green Tea extract (EGCG), which helps to combat the thickening and redness that contribute to the prominence of scars

✔ KEY FEATURES - Improves the appearance of scars, reduces thickness, reduces redness, increases scar mobility & improves scar hydration

✔ WHEN DO I USE IT - To be used as soon as your wound is closed. Reduces irritation and actively soothes the skin in the scar healing process

✔ USES - Solution for Scars cream can be used on all scarring - surgical scars, chicken pox scars, acne scars, sporting scars, post laser surgery scars,accidental & traumatic scars, bumps & grazes, C-section scars & more

✔ HOW IT WORKS - Solution for Scars reduces the thickness of scars, reduces redness of scars improving the overall appearance

 APPLICATION - Minimum application of twice a day. Gently massage into the scar until completely absorbed, use enough to treat whole of scar