MISICH Turmeric Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Clay Mask - 120g


MISICH Turmeric Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Clay Mask - 120g

✔ MISICH Turmeric Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Clay Mask has strong antioxidan can brighten effectively, capacity restores the look of radiance to dull skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties calm various skin irritation, decrease the appearance of acne, so that your skin is still soft and radiant.

✔ Moisturizing Firming Skin:Vitamin C has the effect of stimulating the production of collagen, which help boost skin radiance, resolves skin aging and make the skin firm and smooth.Rich includes calendula and aloe can effectively make the skin plump and shiny, making you young and beautiful.

✔ Deep Cleasing:The turmeric facial mask with kaolin clay and bentonite has strong cleaning effect. can deep cleaning and quickly oil control, refine pores,removes excess oil, dirt and toxins from the face, showing a perfect skin texture.

✔ Mild No Stimulation:The vitamin c clay mask used for most skin types, oily, dry, normal, combination. (Note:not for very sensitive, active-acne or irritated skin. )Regular use helps to effectively resist oxidation and promotes refreshing facial skin.

✔ DETOX AND ANTI-AGING: Our specially formulated combination of all-natural ingredients can help even your tone by strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, that effectively fight the effects of aging.

✔ ACNE TREATMENT: This premium quality clay mask helps to unclogged blocked pores and treats pimples, blackheads, excessive oiliness, and acne.

 DEEP CLEANING: Turmeric face mask skincare will absorb oil and impurities on the skin surface and help create firmer, healthier, more balanced skin for radiant confidence.