Maia Accessories bobby pins brown 200PC


Maia Accessories bobby pins brown 200PC  

✔ Maia Accessories bobby pins brown 200PC is High quality metallic hair pins, these resistant pins are ideal to be used at any kind of situations such as ballet, sports, etc.

✔ Comfortable design, these pins are design to ensure that the scalp and the hair is protected making them ideal to be used within a large range of ages

✔ This multipurpose hair accessories can be used to keep your bangs out of the way whilst applying your make up or cleaning your face or help you to stile your hair on day to day basis or for special occasions.

✔ Great value for your money thanks to the quality of our pins you will be able to use them over and over

 Easy to store, the pins come in a transparent box that makes them easy to store in your house or carrying them with you