Hair Curler, Cordless Hair Curlers for Long Hair, Wireless Automatic Curling

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Now: £35.00

Hair Curler, Cordless Hair Curlers for Long Hair, Wireless Automatic Curling Iron Restriction with Built-in 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery, Portable, for Home Travel

  • ✅Intelligent Hair Curler: 2023 newest cordless curling iron, say goodbye to the messy and tangled cable design. Without cable restraints, you can curl your hair anywhere. NOTE: Suitable for Shoulder Length & Over-Shoulder Long Hair.
  • ✅Cordless Auto Curler: The newest cordless hair curler with smart induction motor, say goodbye to poor curling effect, even you're a new hands! No Skill Required - Only a button to auto create beautiful curls or waves anytime, anywhere.
  • ✅Anti-scalding & Tourmaline Ceramic Ion: Ceramic curl chamber protect your hand and skin from hurt, safe to use. Professional tourmaline ceramic technology and vegetable protein coating help to seal moisture into your hair and protects cuticle.
  • ✅6 Heat Settings & 2 Curve Directions: There are 2 curved directions: left, right; Temp set from 150℃, 160℃, 170℃, 180℃, 190℃, 200℃; Curler Rest Time set from 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s. Choose different temperatures and times to achieve the effects you want with longer, lasting results (looser waves, soft curls or more defined curls effects)
  • ✅LCD Display: Built-in timer, adjustable temperature, auto off function and LCD buzzer indicator to inform you when you should loosen the curler, automatically turn off if not used for 10 minutes, will protects your families from any incident!

One-Click Automatic Curling & 6 Temperature and 6 Timing Settings

No skill is needed, this latest wireless curling iron has no cable constraints, and you can easily create charming curls anywhere with just push of a button!

The self-rotating hair curler can be curled effortlessly in a few seconds. No skill required~ Replace traditional hot tools curling iron and hair curling wand.

You can customize the appearance of curly hair and choose between loose, medium or tight curls.

The time (8s-18s) and temperature ( 300°F-390°F) of the curler can be set freely according to different hair types and styles, and it can be heated quickly.

Cordless Automatic Hair Curler, Portable Curling Wand for Hair Styling Anytime, Anywhere, Rechargeable Auto Hair Curler with 6 Temperature & Timer Settings.

Smart Heatproof Design There are many hair curlers with a naked barrel sometimes that you even feel dangerous, our Curling Tongs comes with unique heat isolating curl chamber to protect your hands from any instant surface heat.

Keep Hair from Getting Tangled Built-in smart sensor chip and precision-controlled Brushless Motor, it can identify if there is too much hair volume to curl for one single time, messy hair or operating errors. If those situations happened, it will stop work immediately, then send alarm sound and prevent hair from tangling. If the hair stuck in the machine, just let them out with a gentle pull.

Auto off function: In the event of the appliance left switched on, our cordless automatic hair curler will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. If you wish to continue using the auto hair curler after this time, simply turn the power on.

Cordless Auto Curler - The First High Performance Cordless, Rechargeable Auto Curler for Curls or Waves Anytime, Anywhere.