Forrader Disposable Face Towel Soft Dry Wipes 1pack=60pcs


Forrader Disposable Face Towel Soft Dry Wipes 1pack=60pcs

✔ Forrader Disposable Face Towel Soft Dry Wipes 1pack=60pcs is Wet & Dry dual use Not easy to deform after wet, add liquid to become wet wipe, ideal for makeup removal, house cleaning, etc. Perfect for use as baby wipes or for incontinence care, applying skin care treatments and creams, cleaning surfaces, and more.

✔ 100% Natural cotton The cotton dry wipes use 100% pure natural cotton fiber suitable for baby’s and adult's sensitive skin. Ideal for removing makeup from sensitive eyes, avoid red nose during clean runny nose. No chemicals, additives, preservatives, or fragrances.

✔ Multi-purpose Gentle enough to clean baby’s teeth, eyes, hand, nipple and bottom at home, put in cars or go traveling. Ideal for sensitive areas and to help prevent diaper rash with baby.

✔ Clean & Hygienic Cotton tissue can instead of face towels and will be much cleaner to dry your face after washing, prevent allergies, reduce skin friction damage and bacterial growth.

✔ Friendly design Each packs to contain 60 cotton tissues, 7.87 X 5.90 inch. Ultra-thick design, one piece can be reused 2-3 times to clean the face, etc. 

✔ 100% Pure Cotton Natural Disposable Facial Tissue- An friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products

Colour : 1pack=60pcs