Eye Gel With Cucumber Extract


Eye Gel With Cucumber Extract contains a scientifically selected blend of natural organic ingredients that work together to combat dark circles and signs of tiredness while brightening and repairing the delicate skin around the eyes.

✔ MARINE COLLAGEN – Derived from algae, this firming eye gel contains Type 1 collagen, a form that is readily assimilated by the body and is rich in glycine, proline and hydroxproline, the natural protein building blocks of the skin.

✔ REFRESHING AND REJUVENATING – Packed with botanical extracts including aloe, cucumber extract, green tea extract and argan oil, this eye treatment delivers on its promises – it relieves tired eyes while helping to increase natural collagen production.

✔ INSTANT HYDRATION – It’s no secret that we’re big fans of hyaluronic acid, the skincare wonder ingredient capable of holding 1000 times its own weight in water. Our eye serum delivers intense hydration to the eye area, giving you an instant face-lift.

 FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE - Normal, oily, dry or combination skin - our eye lift gel works with every skin type to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, smooth the under-eye area and diminish the appearance of wrinkles, letting you look your very best.