Dove Rich Nourishment Cream-150ml


Dove Rich Nourishment Cream-150ml

✔ Dove Rich Nourishment Cream is rich nourishment body Cream Tub contains moisturiser cream which helps heal dry skin

✔ This lotion contains DeepCare Complex with skin natural nutrients and essential oil

✔ This moisturiser is dermatologically tested on skin

✔ This moisturiser is made with the classic, clean scent of Dove

✔ This daily moisturiser nourishes and protects skin

✔ This moisturising lotion is suitable for all skin types

✔ Treat your skin with Dove Restoring Ritual Cream lotions, inspired by rituals from India. Dove believes in real beauty solutions inspired by real women around the world, we took inspiration from traditional rituals in India to unlock age old beauty secrets to provide the better skin care for you. This moisturising body cream with coconut oil and almond milk quickly moisturises body to offer an instant solution to rough, dry body. The fast absorbing formula allows the body cream to instantly moisturises and soften your skin, whilst the fast drying ensures there is no sticky or greasy residue. Dove Restoring Rituals coconut oil and almond milk body cream has a fresh, clean scent to lift your senses and achieve a truly invigorating sensation. And the result; say goodbye to dry skin, your skin feels deliciously smooth and supple. This product is specifically designed for dry skin. For the better results apply daily and after washing. Applying body cream after washing ensures moisture is locked in to achieve the better moisturisation for your skin. Dove Restoring Ritual body cream offers both restoring care for your skin and a soothing scent to unleash a full sensory experience. Dove Restoring Ritual body cream has been dermatologically tested and these body lotions can be used on sensitive skin. Can be used as a firming body lotion.