Diva Pro Styling Ultima 5000 Pro Dryer, 2200W Professional Hairdryer with Ionic Conditioning, Black

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Now: £95.00

Pro Styling Ultima 5000 Pro Dryer, 2200W Professional Hairdryer with Ionic Conditioning


  • Tough rubberised nylon lightweight dryer with high endurance 2000W AC professional motor for long dryer life
  • Built in powerful ionic generator gives a faster drying time and healthier looking shiny hair whilst reducing static and frizz
  • Two speed settings and four heat settings with true cold shot for setting styles.
  • Includes two slim concentrator nozzles and styling wand attachment for creating volumising curls

Important information

Safety Information:


Due to extreme heat capabilities of this dryer, extra care should be taken when using.




Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Blow Dry

1.  APPLY - a heat protection serum to towel dried hair to help protect your hair from heat damage.

2.  DIVIDE - and clip the hair into several manageable sections that are 2-4 inches in thickness ( preferably the same width as the brush you will be using. )

3.  SELECT - and lift hair up and place hairbrush at root allowing hair to fall over the brush.

4.  ANCHOR - the section of the hair being dried with the brush and hold the dryer so that the airflow is directed down the hair shaft from root to tip. Move the brush and dryer together down the hairshaft.


The heat from the blow dryer opends the cuticle and allows the style to form.

Finishing each section with a blast of cool/cold air from the blow dryer will help to set the hair how you want it.