Cute Shapes Natural Loofah Sponge Scrubber for Bath


New Cute Shape Heart & Star | Natural Loofah Sponge | Away Dead Skin for Smoother Body | Exfoliating Scrubber for Bath

  • High-quality Material: Our loofah is made of high-quality natural luffa and terry cloth fabric, non-toxic, comfortable and close to your skin when using. Considerable Effects: This loofah can exfoliate gently and clean your skin, which clean away the dead skin from your body to make your skin clean, smooth and firm.
  • Natural Benefits: Give your skin the natural glow and radiance that you have always wanted by regularly exfoliating the natural way. By removing dead and dry skin you will be able to look your best all day long.
  • Exfoliate Away: Scrubbing your skin with our premium quality exfoliating back scrubber and luffa bath sponge to promote, reduce stress and revitalise your body.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we work in close contact with our clients throughout the procedure. We are offering a ‘money back guarantee for customers that are not 100% satisfied.

Buff your way to natural beauty Cultivated for skincare since ancient times. This loofah is nature's best exfoliator. It gently remove dead skin for younger-looking skin in minutes. By unblocking pores and strengthening the dermis, your skin will be more receptive to hydration, moisturizers, and resistant to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Features Back loofah strap exfoliates the natural way, just use it with your favorite soap and rub. Easy to use Soak in Water to Become Soft Before Using; Dry in the Air After Using. Zero-Waste Annoying mini-soap belong to the past. Just throw in the soap net and foam together. So you save not only masses of mini-soap leftovers but also resources. Small Tips Soaking in the water before using our product, and then dry it in the air after using. Changing it every two months like using a towel.