ArganiCARE Keratin Hair Shampoo-400 ml


ArganiCARE Keratin Hair Shampoo-400 ml

✔ ArganiCARE Keratin Hair Shampoo Intense repair for damaged and processed hair

✔ Protects hair cuticle from cracking

✔ Reduces friction and breakage, prevents split ends

✔ Deeply nourishes the hair to smooth each strand

Manageable, silky and healthy-looking hair

A distinctive formula designed to nourish and hydrate your hair and restore its vitality. Enriched with Keratin, the primary protein of hair that bonds with each individual hair strand, it renews the inner strength of the hair, regenerates its structure and helps restore lost Keratin protein. Uniquely formulated, Sodium Chloride free, it contains active nourishing complex to deeply condition and smooth the cuticle layer, increasing elasticity and softness and keep straightened hair sleek. The result is manageable, silky and healthy-looking hair.