Acne Patches Hydrocolloid Absorbing Acne Pimple Patches


Acne Patches Hydrocolloid Absorbing Acne Pimple Patches include day (144pcs)and night(72pcs) set. During the day, the acne patch stops the damage of makeup, dust, and UV rays, prevent wound infection. During the night, the acne patch absorbs pore-clogging pus and oil, speed wound healing, no acne mark. More targeted repair of acne at day and night.

✔ Efficient safety:Hydrocolloid dressing with the element tea tree,safe and natural ingredients. Concentrated acne spot treatment, acne patches with soothing and revitalizing ingredients can be safely used for sensitive skin. The hydrocolloid acne patches have superabsorbent properties, absorbs pus and pore oil, accelerates wound healing.

✔ Waterproof and Breathable Protection:Hydrocolloid patch dressing enables fine ventilation of wounds and effectively waterproof, in the meanwhile, our acne pimple patch help prevent contamination and infection, protects against dirt and external contact. Enhances the care effect minimizes skin irritation.

✔ Invisible and Ultra-thin Acne Patches: The transparent color of our acne pimple patch makes it look natural on your face or other body parts. It is so thin and lights that you will forget its existence, but it still works hard to repair your acne and spot. While zero attention, your skin is getting better.

 Intimate Design:The comfortable and breathable dot is perfect for all skin types and ages. The package includes two sizes of 8mm and 12 mm, which allow you to effectively handle larger and smaller spots. The package is also equipped with tweezers, which can clamp your acne patches hygienically and conveniently, Sanitary use, and prevent damage.