2PCS Hair Shampoo Bar-Lavender And Mint


2PCS Hair Shampoo Bar-Lavender And Mint [Lavender + Mint]Hair Sope for oily hair, plants ingredients and no harsh detergents chemicals, so you can use it with confidence, even with sensitive skin. A natural alternative for liquid shampoo.

✔ Deeply nourishes the hair and scalp to repair damaged hair, Rich and delicate foam, strong cleaning power, effective oil control and dandruff removal, perfect hair cleansing soap choice for both men and women.

✔ Natural- These fine & pure ingredients nourish, condition, and detangle the hair without stripping your head's natural oils. Our gentle and effective formula makes our products suitable for men, women, teens, children, and babies.

✔ A long-lasting and compact alternative to plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, because they’re super-concentrated. One shampoo bar (1.94oz) will last as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo. We encourage you to join us and #giveupthebottle#.

 Refreshing scents give you variety with every use, with options including lavender and peppermint, so you can try them all to find your favorite.