Erno Laszlo Skin Vitality Hydra-Therapy Treatment-x 4


Erno Laszlo Skin Vitality Hydra-Therapy Treatment-x 4

✔ Erno Laszlo Skin Vitality Hydra-Therapy Treatment is a soothing, plumping peel-off mask that delivers a burst of replenishing moisture to hydrate your skin..

✔ How it works: A natural hydrator cools and delivers vital nutrients, refreshing and improving the appearance of fine lines, so skin looks younger and re-energised. Our dual-phase formula blends together our most luxurious and hydrating ingredients. You will see an instant and immediate result after one application.

★ Beauty Concern : Dryness & Dehydration

★ Beauty Goal : Hydrating

★ Brand : Erno Laszlo

★ Skin Type : All Types

★ Type : Face Mask